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Two Hearts Wedding Chapel and Event Center is Memphis’/Shelby Count’s newest, and the only full service wedding and event center location to consider for your wedding or any other type of celebration or personal use.

Marriage License in Memphis, TN

To obtain a Marriage License in Shelby both parties must appear together to purchase the license. You only need your driver license. If no license any legal document such as Pass-Port or Visa that is current and has your photo on it will suffice. The State of Tennessee requires that individuals being issued Marriage License meet the following requirements based on age:

Marriage licenses are good for 30 days. The cost for couples that have attended four (4) hours of premarital preparation by a qualified instructor is $37.50. The notarized state form signed by the instructor must be presented when requesting license. The cost for those that choose not to attend premarital classes is $97.50.

After the ceremony has been performed, the Vital Records Application must be signed by the individual performing the ceremony and forwarded to the County Clerk’s Office to be recorded. The Marriage License is given to the Bride/Groom.

If the Marriage License is not used within 30 days, it is voided and a new license must be purchased.
Tennessee has no residence requirement, no waiting period and blood tests.

Marriage license may be obtained at the following locations:

To receive a certified copy of your Marriage license you may visit any location listed above or mail a check or money order in the amount of $10.00 to:
Shelby County Clerk,150 Washington Ave,Suite 201,Memphis,TN 38103.

Please include the exact date of the marriage, the full names of both parties and birth dates. Make check or money order payable to Shelby County Clerk. All checks must be drawn on a local bank with a Shelby County address.

If you wish to contact the Marriage license office by phone, the numbers are as follows:
Barbara Hodges is one of the License Clerks at the Mullins Station location. You will certainly find her to be friendly and most helpful in working to prepare your Marriage License. When you go in please remember to mention my name.


henry eiser sr henry eiser sr

Wonderful place to have a small get together for a wedding and reception thank you

Pamela Robinson Pamela Robinson

Rev French is the most nicest person I've met. He perform our Wedding, It was affordable, nice and intimate.

Justin carhelp Justin carhelp

Very nice place. The minister was very friendly and courteous a nice place to have your wedding. Ring those bells 🔔🔔 and let's get married TWO HEARTS WEDDING CHAPEL 💒 is the place to be.

James Pettis James Pettis

Awesome minister. Very happy that me and mines said our vows in front of him.

DeavaQ's View DeavaQ's View

It is cute, quaint little chapel. Rev H is nice and seems to handle all situations.

Tony m Williams Tony m Williams

My son was recently married there the pastor was great down to earth very kind inside looks great

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