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Two Hearts Wedding Chapel is Memphis' newest, and the only full service wedding location to consider for your wedding or any other type of celebration or personal use.
FULL SERVICE MEANING: Fully decorated chapel with lit arch for couple to stand under; providing the wedding cake; traditional music or that of your choice to bring in; minister here provided (me) to meet and go through with you the entire process; bride's private dressing room; traditional photography provided, and more.
At no charge I take several traditional wedding photos and e-mail them to you.
We are located just east of Graham Street, across from Tops BBQ.
Rev. Howard A. French opened Two Hearts Wedding Chapel in May of 2011, answering the direction he was given by the Lord in answer to his prayers in seeking God's will and direction for his life at this time.

Rev. French has a genuine heart for helping people, and with his many years in ministry realized that focusing on this particular type of ministry truly fulfills his heart's desire in doing what he personally enjoys most. Once you've called to make an appointment, and then meet with Rev. French, you'll immediately find that you made the right decision in who you've chosen to fill the position to officiate at your wedding, vow renewal, commitment or other type of ceremony you've chosen.
Rev. French is thoroughly experienced in not only officiating your ceremony but also in coordinating the event as well, at no extra charge.

You will not be disappointed in choosing Two Hearts Wedding Chapel and Rev. Howard French for your special day. Please call today.
Bride Dressing Room
Bride Dressing Room